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Neshaminy School District

We Build Futures




The Nurses of Neshaminy believe that…


1.      All people have worth.


2.      All people are unique.


3.      All people have a right to have their health needs met.


4.      All people deserve confidentiality in the delivery of their health care needs.


5.      All people can learn and are entitled to an education.


6.      Learning is continuous and essential for everyone.


     7.  Health education promotes responsibility for personal health care


     8.  All people should feel safe in the school environment.


     9. The family is the primary care giver of the child.


    10. Communication between the nurse, the home and other health
          care providers
improves the well being of children.


    11. Recognition of the developmental stages of children is imperative
         to the
appropriate planning and implementation of educational
         and health care needs.
   12. Knowledge, Competency, Accountability and Professionalism are
         characteristics of quality nursing care.