Role of the Certified School Nurse

The position of a certified school nurse requires a diverse knowledge base in the practice
of professional nursing as well as an understanding of the culture of the educational environment.

The school nurse’s primary functionis to maximize student educational success by identifying
and providing accommodations for health problems that may jeopardize a student’s ability to learn.

To accomplish this, the certified school nurse engages in the following activities:


 1.  Plans and implements the state mandated school health program.

 2.  Participates in the formulation of objectives, standards and policies for school health.

 3.  Provides health counseling and guidance to pupils, parents and school personnel.

 4.  Works effectively with community health professionals and agencies.

 5.  Contributes to the total health education program of the school and community.

 6.  Maintains a continuing inventory of necessary health and safety equipment.

 7.  Assumes responsibility for the care of injured and ill students in the school setting.

 8.  Functions as an integral part of the Pupil Personnel service team.

 9.  Keeps abreast of current trends in both nursing and education.
10. Serves as a faculty member in the total school program.